Ecohotel el Agua

Ecohotel el Agua

Embrace wellness in Tenerife's secluded paradise

Nestled amidst the sprawling sub-tropical valleys of southern Tenerife, lies a sanctuary for the soul and body – EcoHotel El Agua. What was once crumbling farmland has been lovingly restored by Anthony Picq, respecting the natural environment it’s set within. Today, this low-impact lodging offers guests the benefits of holistic medicine within an environment bathed in natural beauty. 

The concept of an eco-hotel is nothing new but this health-focused hilltop hideaway is a far cry from your typical boutique hotel. For a start, the current capacity is limited to a maximum of two guests. Plus, don’t expect your run-of-the-mill treatments, oh no! Epigenetic screenings sit alongside naturopathy programs on the hotel’s treatment menu ensuring that mindfulness evolves into a lifestyle.

Since September 2022, EcoHotel El Agua has beckoned discerning travelers seeking an extraordinary fusion of wellness and luxury. Today, visitors get to call Villa Olivo their home away from home. A private terrace and a heated saltwater infinity pool complete this oasis of solitude, ensuring your existence remains uninterrupted by the world beyond.

Imagine waking up as the sun rises to the distant melody of bird song and starting your day with a tailor-made menu of delicious, locally sourced meals. Within this sanctuary, the dining experience, set inside a mystic cave, is an art form. Guests can choose from an exquisite trio of culinary paths: vegan, raw vegan, or vegetarian. Here food is not just about refueling, it is a declaration that your sustenance shapes not only your physique but your mental serenity.

Yet, the grandeur of EcoHotel El Agua extends beyond aesthetics and fine dining. 

Founder and Hippocratic medicine expert Anthony Picq has strategically devised four transformative wellness programs. From intermittent fasting and daily massages to cold baths, hydrotherapy, and lymphatic drainage – you will be spoilt for choice. 

And the allure doesn’t end here. EcoHotel El Agua is amplifying its capacity to 25 guests by adding three new dwellings set in an emblematic building in the heart of Arico, a town of cultural interest. Additionally, a new villa and a spa are on the horizon, all located at arm’s length from the existing Villa Olivo.

If you seek an odyssey that nourishes your soul, EcoHotel El Agua promises a transformation that resonates far beyond its splendid walls. This enchanting haven will become the ultimate oasis of wellness and creativity. Your journey to bliss begins here.